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About returns etc.

Return procedure

  • Apply for return within 14 days after arrival

    Please be sure to check the precautions in advance and apply using the dedicated form below.
  • Check the [return receipt] email from our shop

    We will check the details of your return request and inform you of the return method and details.
  • Please return the item within [within 5 days]

    Although there is no specified shipping company, we recommend using a shipping method that has a guarantee, as the customer will be responsible for any damage that may occur during shipping.
  • After checking the package, we will process the refund in order.

    About refund
    After the refund is completed, we will contact you by e-mail, so please wait.

Points to note when returning goods

  • If you wish to return the product, please contact us within 14 days (including the date of arrival of the product) after receiving the product using the return form above or by e-mail.
  • Please complete the procedure within [5 days] after contacting us.
  • Please note that we cannot accept returns or refunds if the product arrives at our company after 2 weeks.
  • Products purchased on the website cannot be returned or exchanged at [real stores].
    In addition, products purchased at each physical store cannot be returned at the website or other stores.
  • *If you wish to exchange an item, please follow the procedure to order the desired item again from the site after the return process has been completed.
【important point】
  • *Returns are limited to unused and unworn items (excluding try-on items).
  • *Please note that we are unable to offer refunds for items that have been washed.
  • *Items with tags cut off, damaged, soiled, incomplete, missing, smelly, or otherwise damaged due to customer reasons cannot be returned.
  • *Products listed as [non-returnable or exchangeable] or [with translation] cannot be returned for any reason.
  • * Accessories (piercings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings) cannot be returned due to personal reasons.
  • *Products with a price of 1100 yen or less including tax cannot be returned due to customer's convenience.

About refund

The refund method differs depending on the payment method.
*We will inform you about the refund method when you contact us.

※Please be sure to enclose the delivery note.
*Please enclose the transfer details (bank name and branch name).
* In the case of a return due to the customer's convenience, the customer will be responsible for the shipping and return shipping costs.

There is no specified shipping company for the return.

Please send it back from a shipping company near you.
*Please be aware of the cut-off time for bringing items in.

After the product arrives, we will process the refund within a few days after confirmation.

For more information, as soon as we can confirm your request for return, we will send you information on how to exchange or return the item. Please return it according to the instructions.
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