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I want to wear it every day! embossed series

Finally, the total number of sales in the series
Over 500,000 sheets! (As of Spring 2022)

There is no loss to have in the spring and summer season!
What the hell is "Emboss" that the staff recommends?


It features a fluffy texture and texture.
It has a mysterious and smooth texture that is slightly different from T-shirts, jerseys, and waffles.

Easy care

Even though it looks pretty, you can easily wear it like a sweatshirt.

  • For long-distance travel, airplanes and travel companions
  • For home wear and play clothes in the park
  • Easy to fold and use for travel and events


I was surprised when it arrived! ! This one piece is pretty good! ! First of all, it dries super fast! It dries quickly after washing and drying, does not wrinkle, does not twist, and does not stretch around the neck. Additional purchase is under consideration!
It doesn't wrinkle, I can put it in the dryer right after washing, and it's easy to wear and care for. Midsummer may be a little hot in terms of breathability.
I'm happy that it's the same as my child♪ It's loose, but it's not too rough, and the silhouette is cute. It looks prettier than a T-shirt!
First of all, the fabric is very nice. Firm and comfortable, stretchy, smooth to the touch, and quick drying. The tent silhouette covers your body shape and is comfortable to wear. And this reasonable price.
I can wear it with a stone and there is no stress anyway. I would like to recommend it to Zubora-san and moms who get their clothes dirty quickly!
It does not wrinkle, so you can roll it up and put it in your travel bag! At this price, even if you wash and dry it at home, it won't pill at all, so it's a heavy rotation! (coca/buyer)



  • Embossed crew neck tunic ¥1,290

  • Embossed balloon sleeve top ¥1,290

  • Embossed Switching Flare Tops ¥1,290

  • Embossed short-sleeved A-line top ¥1,290


  • Embossed long-sleeved flared dress ¥1,690

  • Embossed boat neck dress ¥1,490

  • Embossed V-neck dress ¥1,990

  • Embossed hem flare dress ¥2,290

  • Embossed A-line midi dress ¥1,490

  • Embossed balloon sleeve dress ¥1,690

  • Embossed gathered dress ¥1,990

  • Embossed gathered short-sleeved dress ¥1,990

  • Embossed Short Sleeve Maxi Dress ¥1,490

  • Embossed short-sleeved A-line dress ¥1,490


  • Embossed wide pants ¥1,490

  • Embossed pencil skirt ¥1,290

  • Embossed A-line skirt ¥1,490

  • Embossed striped wide pants ¥1,690

  • Embossed center seam pants ¥1,490

  • Embossed Tapered Pants ¥1,990

  • High quality embossed series
    Flare skirt ¥ 2,490


  • KIDS
    Embossed hem frill dress ¥1,490

  • KIDS
    Embossed long sleeve pullover ¥990

  • KIDS
    Embossed long sleeve tunic ¥990

  • KIDS
    Embossed balloon sleeve dress ¥1,290

  • KIDS
    Embossed jumper skirt ¥990

  • KIDS
    Embossed Switching Flare Tops ¥1,290

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